Nanaimo Airport Terminal Expansion

Independent Professional


Who they are

Nanaimo Airport is built on Department of National Defense land that was originally purchased to be a WWII Royal Canadian Air Force glider pilot training facility, and war-time emergency airfield. Today, this growing flight centre moves over 350,000 passengers a year, and is expanding to accommodate future growth. This is currently one of the largest construction projects in central Vancouver Island.

What We are doing

As this project is on federally owned property, Celerity Engineering has been involved from the beginning as the Independent Professional. We reviewed the building permit drawing and documents for compliance with the relevant building and fire codes, and recommended that the Nanaimo Airport Commission issue approval to construct.

Construction is still in process, and we are responding to site change questions, and conducting regular site visits to ensure that progress is on track for compliance.

We look forward to celebrating the completion of the first expansion phase in 2020.