The following principles are important to us. If they’re important to you, then let’s talk.

Needs Driven – We work with the client to determine how fire and life safety considerations affect their design and find innovative ways to meet building and fire code requirements while minimizing impact to their design and budget.

Clients as Partners – Our investment in our clients’ projects goes beyond the hours we spend on code review and reports. We use our experience with the various jurisdictions in BC to advise and guide you through the building permit process. We are tremendously proud that 80% of our work comes from return clients and referrals, and that’s because we’re serious about our commitment to our partners and their goals.

Safety Above All – We will never compromise our most imperative consideration of all: safe buildings save lives. What is now your ‘Project’ will soon be a workplace; a home. In-depth knowledge of Building Codes and NFPA Standards, attention to detail, technically proficient design and application of the relevant codes, and stringent review will ensure that future workers and residents will be protected in emergency scenarios.


Celerity Engineering has a focus on Part 3 Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility and Sections 8, 9 and 10 of Part 9 Housing and Small Buildings of the Vancouver Building Bylaw, British Columbia Building Code, and National Building Code of Canada. We are also adept in the application of the many National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards that are referenced in the building code, NFPA's own Fire and Life Safety and building Codes, and the International Building Code.

We know building code. But what you want to know is:

What can we do for you?  


Certified Professional


The City of Vancouver, and the City of Surrey, offer the Certified Professional program as an alternate to the traditional Building Permit Process. A Certified Professional completes the reviews and inspections typically performed by the city building department, and acts as a single contact between the project team and the authority having jurisdiction.

This program can benefit your project through time savings by allowing for staged building permits, where excavation can proceed before the full building permit is issued. The city review phase of a CP project can take just a few weeks, compared to the usual months. The CP process is available for both renovations and new buildings, and we’ve worked through it for tenancies ranging from offices and apartments, to restaurants and museums.


Independent Professional

Projects on Federal lands

An independent professional is retained to fulfill the role of Authority Having Jurisdiction on projects where the Authority Having Jurisdiction does not have a building department to provide design and construction reviews. This is usually the case where projects are being built on federally owned, leasehold lands. We have worked on airport, sea port, and university projects that have required this role.

As Independent Professional, we are responsible for reviewing the building permit submission for compliance, approve the building permit, and recommend construction. Throughout construction, we complete site reviews, and ultimately, recommend the building be accepted for occupancy.


Building Code Alternative Solutions

Performance based design

Where your design does not meet the prescriptive requirements of the Building Code, it is sometimes possible to develop an alternative solution. This is a solution that identifies a performance based design solution that will meet the safety and life protection requirements of the Code. It can offer a route to code compliance that is less costly, or that minimizes impact on your design goals.

Our clients have used alternative solutions to allow for extended travel distances, to reclassify their major occupancy to allow tenancy in a particular building, and to meet the intent of the code for fire protection in duplexes with secondary suites.


Building Code Review and Reports

Architectural Design Review

Reviewing your architectural design for BC Building Code compliance as part of the building permit process ensures that any issues are addressed early, to minimize impact on design goals and ensure timely processing of your building permit application.

Code compliance reports demonstrate the approach to compliance with codes, standards, and regulations. Code compliance drawings further illustrate this compliance, and include the location of fire separations, travel distances, occupant load, exit capacities and any building code concepts applicable to the project.


Other Services

Fire code consulting

  • Fire Safety Plans and Signage

  • NFPA Standards application

  • Spray Booth Design and Certification

  • Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

building code consulting

  • Building Permit Processing Assistance

  • Negotiations with Municipal Authorities

  • Building Code Appeals Preparation

  • Building Permit Data Sheets

  • Stair Safety and Ergonomics

  • Occupant Loads for Licensed Beverage Establishments

  • Third Party Review (Independent Professional)

  • Litigation Support